Straits Cellars Pte Ltd is a family owned and managed company specialising in the representation and distribution of boutique styled California wines. These wines are boutique due to it special unique qualities and production level. Most time, the owners of these wineries and vineyards are the winemakers themselves. Hence these are wines that are not only a reflection of the location and terrors, but also a representation of the winemakers’/owners’ passion and commitments to the craft of winemaking.
These California wines are mostly distributed to on-trade clients such as hotels, restaurants, wine bars and clubs, and country clubs. Wines are also available to our extensive list of private and corporate collectors.

Other than distribution in Singapore, we work with a small selected list of wineries as their agent for distribution of their wines in parts of Asia.

Over the years, we gradually included wines from Italy, Australia and France. From Italy, we work with Bocelli Family Wines for on-trade distribution in Singapore, and as an agent in parts of Asia. For French and Australian wines, we work with selected merchants and brokers overseas for both on-trade, private and corporate cellars distribution.

Our service also includes assisting overseas clients from China to plan their portfolio, and source for wines of various price ranges for their portfolio from California, France and New Zealand.



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